I offer both Craniosacral Therapy and Wellness Massage. Each of these is a stand-alone method that can fill a regular session. The two methods can however also be combined in one session if appropriate. The following text chiefly describes craniosacral bodywork.

The first goal of a treatment session is that you feel comfortable and secure in every sense. While remaining clothed, you lie on your back on an extremely comfortable massage table and with my hands I make contact with different areas of your body (e.g. feet, pelvis, back, head) in a gentle and sensitive way. With ‘listening’ hands I create a tactile and energy-rich connection. Sometimes I also use very light and careful pulling and pressing techniques or gentle massage techniques, all of which are more about listening and supporting your body’s internal movements than about me deciding ‘what is best’ for your body.

You as client may perceive a wide range of sensations. Sometimes you may feel deep movement and impulses within your body, sometimes your own perceptions are less clear but you feel that ‘something is happening’. Images and/or thoughts, memories or emotions may appear – and dissolve again, like clouds passing across the sky. It may happen that (old) pain sensations appear, but these too are part of the process and they disappear again. Sometimes you can be relaxed but wide-awake, sometimes more in a trance-like state and sometimes you simply go to sleep for a while. It’s all OK: the process of dissolving and new orientation in body and mind continues anyway. At the same time, you can always immediately say if a sensation or situation is too much. In practice this is very seldom but it’s your session, you determine what is right.

A Craniosacral session usually lasts 1 hour, or if required longer, e.g. 1½ hours. Just a single session is soothing, relaxing and vitalising, and can also have a healing effect. Several treatment sessions at intervals of 1 or 2 weeks can have a deeper and more sustained effect, which can be especially helpful in the case of older injuries and deeper issues.

In addition I can, if appropriate, show you short supporting exercises based on Tai Chi und Qi Gong which promote a better and more relaxed posture.


During the treatment you remain clothed. Please bring the following items of clothing, if you are not already wearing them: light and loose-fitting trousers (e.g. sports trousers), fresh socks and a T-shirt, sweatshirt or similar.

Jeans and other heavy/tight-fitting trousers are not suitable for the session.


Treatment sessions currently at:

Raum und Bewegung
Pflügerstrasse 78b
12047 Berlin-Neukölln
(in the Reuterkiez quarter, close to Hermannplatz, Kotbusser Damm and Maybachufer)


A treatment session, including talking before and after, generally lasts 60-70 minutes.
Standard fee 75,- €

A 90-minute treatment session costs 100,- €

>>> The first session is charged at half price.

It is possible to settle the fee through private health insurance companies, state aid or supplementary health insurance for Heilpraktiker treatments in accordance with GebüH (the scale of fees for Heilpraktiker). Please contact your insurer beforehand; it is your responsibility to make corresponding arrangments.

Some statutory health insurance companies, including Techniker Krankenkasse, SecurVita, BIG direkt and most employer-based halth insurance schemes grant a subsidy for the treatment costs. This is subject to an informal medical prescription stating the need for osteopathic treatment.

The fee is to be paid in cash after the treatment.